Monday, 30 January 2012

A Conversation!

Atheist :Why is the atom like that?

Theist : God wanted it so,he made electrons and protons to form atoms.

Atheist: How did he do it?

Theist : Its divine,he knows everything!Only he knows how and why he did it .We cannot question him.

Atheist : No,its not divine its ignorance,if it was the work of god ,then scientists are already on the road to find more sub-particles,we synthesised a number of atoms like the ununtritium(UUT- 113 ) in the lab!We too 'created' new kinds of atoms ,do u mean we are god? We defied laws of nature, produced nuclear fusion and fission and even controlled it.Why dint he stop us !!..Its a breach to his world...We can genetically modify creatures and make new creatures..something that's his work!?..We 'created' new creatures, are we God?..We are unleashing all that you claim his work!..Your ignorance has put you down..thrown u into the absymalness of superstition and cave-man days !

Theist : He knows all that !He will end the world soon because of all this sin you did.

Atheist:Oh,why is he so afraid?..everything is in his hands he can just change all the laws of nature ,he can do anything!.Pray to ur god, tell him not to destroy innocent devotees like you.All he has to do is change conditions..suddenly refute Darwin's evolutionary theory !

Theist : He may not do that.He doesnt like to interfere.

Atheist:Well, you say he controls ur 'fate'..When he can mess with your personal life.,why not this!!

Theist: Infact, He controls even your fate ,You r destined to oppose him!You are just doin that duty !

Atheist:Woah!Heights of defence!!
these discussions always turn futile!

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  1. Nice conversation :-)
    Good argument on the lines of genetic engineering, nuclear reactions.
    Looking forward to follow more footprints through your mind, to witness the certainty of uncertainty :D