Sunday, 5 August 2012


Apart from the usual free software activities , I discovered another "dimension" of our friends at FSMK  on Satuday.
All of them are great foodies !!!
After our zonal plan meeting at B.M.S.I.T , we dropped in at the Arya Bhavan for some chats .

Well, firstly, let me tell you why we choose that place to hog.They were serving unlimited chats.!
The biggest attraction was the unlimited pani-puri.Soon, all of us went onto a marathon spree on who would have the largest number of pani-puris.

Here are a few highlights of our greatest foodies :P :

1. Mr.Pani-puri - Sarath.
     He 'hogged' the top position by finishing with a grand total of 35 pani-puris.While others came out tired after finishing their meal for the day, Sarath went on to have another plate of jelebis.
2.  The award for Mr.FOODIE goes to .............
      He can freak you out with the amount he eats.Looks are deceiving, this seemingly thin man (sorry Ragav you the thin compared to the amount you eat :P) finished 30 panipuris ,a plate of pav bhaji , half a vada pav , a plate of jelebis and was still hungry!!

We had a few runner-ups too.Karthik and Santhosh also finished 25 pani-puris. 

Finally, it was a fun filled day with loads of food.Thanks a lot to everyone of you for coming over.

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