Friday, 20 July 2012

An Answer

I found myself in an enormous dark room extending almost endlessly into the sky. In the midst of this emptiness, a familiar feeling dwelled inside me .It was an inquisition of what lies around me that my senses fail to comprehend.I was incessantly searching to find an answer,that explanation, that could bring in satisfaction. Satisfactory , but needn't give me happiness, cause this could even dissapoint me.
 My search did stop at one point of time, when a streak of light from corner of the room grabbed my attention.I grew voracious and raced in the direction of the light.There, I found a tiny box , that instantly swirled my imaginations .
"May be this would give me answer" ."Unleash the deadliest secrets of the universe"."May be it was another Pandora box".Like a ravenous beast I broke it open. There was nothing in the box and now the light slowly faded too. I was back to square one , from light to darkness, from hope to hopelessness.
I lie there rattling to myself about the blunders I did.I lie there frozen trying find an answer. Will i ever find it? Is there an answer?

P.S : Well, this post may not make any sense to most of you.This haziness has been introduced on purpose ;).


  1. well...there is an answer
    whether you find it or ur to decide

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